Piss Away, Gentlemen.

I wasn’t sure that I was going to have too much to write about as far as the British Open is concerned, because I’m nowhere near a golf expert, as much as a sports fan can be. I will say the British Open is a favorite because depending on where it is played and the weather, it can either be as ugly as the U.S Open or easy pickings for birdies. As far as actual picks, give me Tiger Woods, playing a links course and finishing 2nd in the other two majors this year.

Gary Player decided to give us another storyline for the four days of the tourney, though, by declaring to the AP that steroids are already in golf, and that it’s a wonder why the USGA and the Royal & Ancient aren’t testing for them.

“Whether it’s HGH, whether it’s Creatine or whether it’s steroids, I know for a fact that some golfers are doing it,” he said.

Asked how he knew for certain, he said one golfer told him.

“I took an oath prior to him telling me — I won’t tell you where — but he told me what he did, and I could see this massive change in him,” Player said. “And somebody else told me something, that I also promised I wouldn’t tell, that verified others had done it.”

Love it. Player can’t or won’t name names, but the USGA and the R&A are behind the LPGA at this point as far as drug testing goes. However, his claim of 10 players using, among the many playing European and American tournaments, doesn’t exactly ring as a plague upon the game — the concerns of overpowered clubs and golf balls probably weigh higher to the golfing world at this point. Still, if the associations can match the LPGA, it’s probably a good idea to at least get started.


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