Stealing Signals: Curtis Granderson, Master Thief.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 5
– The Tigers CF absolutely robs Wily Mo Pena of a homer with that amazing catch, and Daisuke Matsuzaka gets knocked for homers 3 times in this game, as Shef, Carlos Guillen, and Marcus Thames go out.

(Non-score related: Granderson apparently had his MySpace page shut down, and is looking to get everyone to friends him again now that it’s back up.)

Reds 4, D-backs 3 (F/11) – Scott Hatteberg has a four-hit day plus the game winning hit as the Reds are now 5-1 under interim manager Pete Mackanon.

Yankees 12, Angels 0 – Chien-Ming Wang leaves the Halo bats, not known for power, looking particularly limp through 6.1 innings. Hideki Matsui and Robinson Cano tee off for 3 run jacks against Ervin Santana, and A-Rod adds another 3-run job off the bullpen. Still, 42-43 for the Yanks at the break are not where they wanted to be at all.

Phillies 8, Rockies 4 – You stay classy, Phillies. In the middle of a rain delay, some of the ground crew at Coors Field got trapped and needed help with the tarp, and much of the Phillies team came out to assist the crew and the umps. Karma paid them back, as Shane Victorino went deep after the game resumed to put them up.

Cardinals 7, Giants 0 – You think the Giants would like another shot at that contract they gave to Barry Zito? He’s 6-9 now after giving up another bad start as the Cardinals sweep San Francisco.

Braves 5, Padres 4 – Bob Wickman almost wrecked it again, giving up three runs in the ninth inning and allowing the Padres to come back within a run when Brian McCann and Kelly Johnson had gotten them out to a 5-0 lead originally off of Greg Maddux.

Blue Jays 1, Indians 0 – Alex Rios gets the game-winning single off Rafael Betancourt after starter Paul Byrd allows Reed Johnson a double in the ninth.

Mariners 7, A’s 3 – Yay, shoving matches! A’s starter Joe Blanton went after Ichiro when he scored on a bases-clearing double, and got the Mariners’ Jason Ellison going after him. Blanton and Batista got tossed (Batista being the sacrificial lamb for Ichiro), and Ellison went on to his four-hit day.

Astros 8, Mets 3 – Houston torches Mets starter Dave Williams, and Roy Oswalt gets his first win in a few weeks. Williams gave up 10 hits and all 8 runs in 3.1 innings.

Dodgers 9, Marlins 3 – When the game opens to an 8-0 beatdown early (Russell Martin: 2-for-2, three RBIs, three runs scored; Andre Ethier hits a 3-run HR), the interest wanders from the game to the little things Vin Scully mentions that I either didn’t know or forgot about, yet still find interesting:

  1. Marlins catcher Josh Matt Treanor is the “Treanor” in volleyballer Misty May-Treanor’s name.
  2. Treanor came up to the bigs for the first time after 11 years in the minors, and was catching 7 innings of no-hit ball by Dontrelle Willis in his first game. Sean Casey was the Reds 1B that day, and he congratulated Treanor on getting his first hit in that game. Later, Casey broke up Willis’ no-no attempt.
  3. Did you know “Uggla” is Swedish for owl?
  4. Both managers are avid motorcycle riders. I have a hard time imagining Grady Little on a Harley.
  5. Fredi Gonzalez and his wife have a New Year’s ritual where they eat 12 grapes and throw water out the window at midnight.
  6. The third base ump was the first Mexican-born to be an ump in the majors.

(Video hat tip to With Leather.)

2 Responses

  1. Dodgers vs. Marlins
    The catcher, that gives Misty May-Treanor the name Treanor, is “Matt Treanor”.

  2. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Thanks, Gates.

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