Rog, Lord of Iron Fist Claims Another Victim

In the morass of Tank Johnson’s kinda-sorta-not-really-a-DUI and the now subdued Michael Vick dog-fighting investigation, I’d conveniently forgotten about Dominic Rhodes, who not only got busted for reckless driving in Indianapolis a few months ago, but apparently couldn’t hold his liquor very well and let his bladder loose on the seat. Rhodes pled down from DUI charges.

Well, the iron fist of Roger Goodell has the memory of an elephant, as Rhodes, freshly signed to a free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders, won’t be around for a quarter of the upcoming season. There’s no actual reason given outside of violations of the league’s substance abuse policy, but it may be safe to assume that this is directly related to said charge for now, especially concerning how teams are more than willing to release guys for much less in the new reality that is the Goodell Era.

I hear Michael Bush, the rookie RB from Louisville, looks like a second round steal in camp — with this news coming in, he’d better be, as LaMont Jordan is absolutely useless. Not like any of the Oakland RBs have any chance whatsoever with that patchwork offensive line whatsoever.


2 Responses

  1. It appears this suspension is based on the substance abuse policy that has been in place since before Goodell became commissioner (though the drunk driving arrest could have triggered it), not based on the arbitrary subjective opinion of Goodell’s new enforcement.

  2. Yeah, but I’m not sure why this took so long to actually hand down otherwise. Wouldn’t they be swifter about it?

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