Why Is Acie Law The Sleeper In This Draft?

I’m perfectly biased here, but I’m still trying to have someone give me an account as to why Mike Conley, Jr. is ahead of Acie Law IV in draft boards for PGs this year, and I guess I’m not the only one: in their podcast, Ryan at Hoops Addict and D-Wil of the Starting Five said the Hawks ought to be drafting Law at #3, although the way everyone’s handling their mock drafts lately, he’s falling to the Hawks at #11 or possibly to the Clippers at #14 (which would be an absolute fucking steal for the Clippers; getting an immediate replacement for Sam Cassell).

Not even the Hawks are sold on Conley as high as he’s being projected at #3 — in Adrian Wojnarowski’s latest column, Conley’s a one-man construction crew (read: bricks), and they’d like to have him drop to #11.

I’m well aware that Conley got to the national title game, and that means a lot — plus, the basketball competition in the Big 10 is definitely tougher than the Big XII — outside of Texas and Kansas, there are no regular power teams out there — but Law is the big shot and pass guy who did a lot of the winning on his own, and was one missed layup away from getting past Memphis. Billy Gillispie put the ball in his hands and had him work it. He also has a few inches on Conley, and six-foot PGs in the modern NBA do not sit well with me. Conley was called on to pass more, and may have more some more “pure point” aspects, but I still believe Law will be the better pro.


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  1. I’m a big wrap for Law… and I think Conley’s damn lucky to have played on the same team as Oden. I have seen some drafts that have Acie Law outside the top #15!!!! And that, is pure lunacy.

  2. Is Acie this year’s Randolph Childress? He just reminds me of Childress for some reason.

    Are we sure Acie and Snoop aren’t cousins, cause Acie III looks just like Snoop’s uncle. It’s uncanny.

  3. Doug Gottlieb and Chad Ford, on Mike & Mike In The Morning this AM, both indicated that Mike Conley flat-out should be the third pick by the Hawks due to their dire need for a point and how great Conley is, but also flat-out were convinced Al Horford will be their pick. I’m ok with the Hawks taking Horford regardless of the team’s “needs.” In my opinion, Conley is not worthy of the third pick.

    I agree with those saying Conley’s image has been grossly enhanced by running with those other Buckeyes last year. Acie Law was hitting big shot after big shot all season long on a team that really had no other game-winning, last-second option and found themselves in those situations often. Law will be a solid NBA player.

  4. S2N-
    Thanks for the podcast mention. Conley is a master mason (Jay Bilas concurred on the common knowledge this afternoon on PTI) and as With malice said, he has been fortunate his whole friggin’ career to play with Oden. And I have no idea why Acie Law’s “workouts” are more important than his on-court exploits.

  5. Diallo – the resemblance is eerie, isn’t it.

    D-Wil – that podcast was a good way to spend a late-night hour. As for Law’s workouts, be sure that the NBA is starting to steal some of the NFL’s metric obsession when it comes to evaluating draft picks in workouts rather than looking at the game tape and comparing the level of competition.

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  7. I think, that Acie Law is a quite good player and he will develop more.

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