Who Would Want This Job?

What could possibly compel anyone currently outside the Oriole organization to even remotely consider managing the team in the wake of the firing of Sam Perlozzo after less than two years in the dugout? This team is a mess, even for Peter Angelos — no president in charge of baseball operations, a chronically underperforming pitching staff (when Steve Trachsel is one of your starters, you got problems, period), and a completely unspectacular line-up in a division with the Yankees and Red Sox in it.

Rumor is that Joe Girardi is the leading candidate to fill the position, as the O’s want to bring in former Cubs prez and GM Andy MacPhail to fill the role, and he knows Girardi well. Now, I’m a big supporter of Girardi getting another managerial job somewhere in the League — but he should politely decline, unless Peter Angelos decides he’s finally had enough of meddling with the team like an attempt to be a junior Steinbrenner.  The O’s are on the short list for worst run organization in baseball with the Rangers, and while you may make cracks about where the Devil Rays and Royals should be on those lists, at least there are young players to mold together on those teams (and all judgments are out on the Nats until their front office’s building is really in place and the stadium built.)

One Response

  1. I is ashame that this once proud organization has sucked over the last decade

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