My Ego Has Been Satiated And Is Now Prepared For A Beating.

First, I’d like to thank those of you who voted for me in the first round of the Ladies… Hot Blogger Bracket in my victory over Satchmo/Bowdenx3/Elric VIII of Manning Family Reunion, a worthy opponent. The second round brackets have been released, and it lines up with my prior thought that I would be in a difficult situation come the second round: I’m going up against Dan Shanoff.

I know we face long odds, my supporters (if there are any of you left), due to Mr. Shanoff’s fame and notoriety from his days at the WWL’s web arm and his own duitiful work at both the site that bears his name and its spinoff, Varsity Dad. But we can do it — we can overcome a better, more successful writer, especially considering his Florida love appears to be very little other than complete bandwagon jumping by marriage. For shame, Dan, especially with your Northwestern ties. As the son of a Northwestern alum, I have heard the suffering for years.  Adopting the Gators as the programs peak…it’s dicey, sir, and a convenient out.

Also, my formidable opponent’s carrying over the name “Quickie” suggests an inability to move on — are you looking for someone who can’t let go of the past, or are you ready to embrace the future?

Never mind the endurance questions posed by a giant post in the morning called a “Quickie”, with an occasional second post. Is that endurance and content production that leaves you satisfied, that you can count on? I think not, dear readers! You deserve more than just a quickie. You merit the love that only posts going from midnight to the morning light can give. Baby, I’m here for you. I’m working these keys when you’re sleeping, and making sure they’re ready and in your reader when you wake up. Quickies may be satisfying, but don’t you deserve more from your hot blogger?

I do the round-ups, I go in-depth, and I work until you’ve got what you need, even on weekends.

Vote for S2N!

(Sound of crickets chirping.)

Seriously, best of luck, Dan — not that you’ll need it.

Plus, go vote for my fellow News Teamers One More Dying Quail, Awful Announcing, Marco from JCMJ, and Run Up The Score in their 2nd round matches (OMDQ is in the MAC as well, AA and Marco are in the NL West, RUTS is in the AFC North.)

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