In Which I Get My Rove On.

There are two days left in the voting for the Hot Blogger Bracket at Ladies…, and it is still a very close match against a worthy and honorable opponent in Satchmo from Manning Family Reunion. However, I believe that you, the voter, need to know these things when casting your ballots for the candidate you’d like to see advance in the Mid-Atlantic Conference.

My tuxedoed opponent, for all his virtues, has not updated his own site in months, but makes promises, that despite the result, he will do so again. What promise can he offer you when he takes months off between posts? His record speaks for itself. Know this: I promise to keep your feed reader and your blogroll full of content on a regular basis, unless piss-faced drunk. I will make your Google Reader rain, folks.

It saddens me to do this, but we must consider: is my opponent truly stable enough and competent to advance, to represent the best that sports blogging has to offer in a second round matchup? As he himself admits, he is “Satchmo” on his site, “Elric VIII, Emperor of Melnibone,” and “BowdenBowdenBowden” as a fellow member of the Deadspin commentariat. And two of those three hint at dynasties; in the beautiful series of tubes that represents the Ebays, democracy is the lay of the land, where even the lowest of computer jockeys in an apartment or a parent’s basement can go as far as his or her willingness to shamelessly self-promote can take them. I ask you, dear reader and potential supporter: do you trust a man with multiple personalities, and two of them with dynastic, anti-democratic impulses behind them, to serve your interests to the fullest?

Freedom is on the march in this beautiful world of blogging. Only you can ensure that its spread continues. Take a stand against those who would enslave your browser and leave you subservient to the whims of a dictatorial overlord, no matter how benevolent. Vote for true democracy. Vote for S2N.

My name is Signal to Noise, and I approved this message.


3 Responses

  1. Now this is what I call stumping for yourself. Well played.

    Let me remind you though, that while democracy rules in this slightly chaotic, slightly mad, but usually beautiful internet, the Deadspin commentariat is a mish-mash of systems – a meritocracy to join, an autocracy to comment under the DeadTern, and, let it never be forgotten, a vaginarchy to be respected, admired, and feared.

    I really just wanted the excuse to say vaginarchy.

  2. Well played, S2N. Well played, indeed.

  3. Elric, yes, but the meritocracy descends into anarchy frequently, particularly when Weekend Daddy is around, and let’s not get started on DUAN.

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