Your Daily Reminder to Vote Again and Often.

I’m now behind in my first-round matchup in the Mid-Atlantic Conference in the Ladies’ blogger bracket to my formidable opponent, whom, despite his tuxedoed skills, had his last regular update of his blog in the prior calendar year.

Again, I humbly request your hitting the polls again early and often between now and Saturday. Because you know this place operates all year, giving you the content you love to read.

(God, I’m as wooden a campaigner as most Democratic candidates. Better get my recount team together.)

5 Responses

  1. You got my vote!

  2. You have learned nothing about negative campaigning. I suggest some sort of gay terrorist iguana fucker angle.

  3. Hey – you can call me gay. You can call me a terrorist. But I draw the line at reptilian copulation. There are some places you just DON’T go.

    For what it’s worth, I am a bit sheepish (baaa) that the site doesn’t update. Which is why whether or not I advance, I’m going to start posting to it again. Even it’s just random excuses to make anagrams out of NFL player names.

  4. Elric – I won’t go there, but just wait.

  5. […] tuxedoed opponent, for all his virtues, has not updated his own site in months, but makes promises, that despite the result, he will do so again. What promise can he offer you when he takes months […]

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