I Didn’t Know Liquor Companies Sponsored Birthday Parties.

Lost in the morass over Lindsay Lohan’s DUI arrest (and reading about it really is too good — police find cocaine in the car, troublemaking alcoholic dad, now reformed, says LiLo needs to find God) is that somehow, liquor companies are sponsoring the birthday parties of celebrities. Svedka Vodka was apparently lined up to sponsor the two-day bash in Vegas this summer, but pulled out post-arrest due to questions regarding how the recent arrest would look for the company if it continued to sponsor the shindig.

Lost somehow was the logic of a liquor company actually entering the thought of sponsoring the party of a celeb starlet who’s been in rehab already. That must have looked like a good idea on paper.

For all the business I’ve given them in recent years, I’m pretty sure I could rope in a beer company to cover the expenses of my birthday pub-hopping. Hey, Sierra Nevada, Firestone? Y’all interested?  Jameson? How about you guys?


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