The Latest Frivolous Lawsuit.

Dean Hancock, father of former Cardinal pitcher Josh, is now suing both the restaurant that served his son alcohol (along with its manager), the tow truck company that was helping another motorist on the side of the road when Hancock hit their tow truck, and both drivers of the tow truck and the other car being helped. Neither the Cardinals nor MLB have been named as defendants yet.

[St. Louis police chief Joe] Mokwa said Hancock went to Shannon’s not long after the Cardinals played a day game against the Chicago Cubs on April 28. The lawsuit claimed that Hancock was a regular at the restaurant bar and was there for more than 3½ hours.

“It’s understood that for the entire 3½ hours that Josh Hancock was there that he was handed drinks,” Keith Kantack, a lawyer for Dean Hancock, said. “It’s our understanding that from the moment Josh Hancock entered Mike Shannon’s that night that he was never without a drink.”

A person answering phones at the restaurant declined comment. A message left with Van Matre was not returned.

The lawsuit claimed Tolar was negligent in allowing his Geo Prism to reach the point where it stalled on the highway, and for failing to move it out of the way of oncoming traffic. A police report said the Prism became stalled when it spun out after being cut off by another vehicle.

 There’s a statement in there from Hancock’s dad as pursuing all legal avenues, as administrator of his son’s estate. But every bit in the article as questions provided by the estate’s lawyer seem like they are there to obfuscate the obvious point: Hancock drove with a BAC nearly two times the legal limit. Maybe the bar should have 86’ed him, but it was still his call to get behind the wheel after getting soused, and he paid for it with his life.  The person who is truly responsible is the young man you had to bury, Mr. Hancock.

 Hancock’s father sues over Cardinals pitcher’s death [USA Today]


4 Responses

  1. Maybe there’s some sort of clause in an insurance policy or MLB pensions that withholds payment for a DUI accident. I don’t know if such things exist in reality, but it’s a thought. Maybe they need to prove that anyone else is at fault except the stupid drunk driver.

  2. Actually, I think Run up the Score might be correct. I know most life insurance policies don’t pay out for suicide, so I don’t know what they would do for a DUI.

  3. […] Someone always has to compound the misery of a tragic event by filing a lawsuit. […]

  4. Yeah, it might be insurance-related, but at this point, it looks really, really foolish.

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