Cheap Shots #25.

1) How will the Hawks screw up two first round picks? [Flyers Fieldhouse]
2) Amare Stoudemire will be taking classes at ASU. Good on him. [Nation of Islam Sports Blog]
3) ESPN’s showing more Big 12 college football games next year. Why? [Rumors and Rants]
4) Odd endorsement opportunities for Tony Romo: pimping club videos. I hope he got paid for his two seconds. [Girls Gone Sports]
5) Gary Bettman explains last weekend’s NBC/Versus switch. Still inexcusable. [Larry Brown Sports]
6) Five good questions about the upcoming French Open. I think this is Federer’s year to beat Nadal. [Stiles Points]
7) Celtics fans: NOT HAPPY about last night. When do we get our “Fire Ainge” signs? [One More Dying Quail]
8) Bogeying eighteen, literally. I ran this story last night, and golf is more dangerous than I thought. [With Leather]
9) Looking into the coverage of the Michael Vick dog scandal. [The Starting Five]
10) Damn, Blazer fans are psyched. [The Fan’s Attic]


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