Bark At The Moon.

America’s favorite dog lover is getting even more heat lately — SI’s Don Banks pens a piece with the usual un-ID’d sources to state that Falcons QB Michael Vick definitely knew about the dog fighting and breeding going on at his Virginia property, which is really no big shock to any of us if actually true and verified. How do you not know what goes on at a home you own. That’s really kind of tough to do, especially when your cousin is the one living in the house.

Again, let’s be fair to Vick — the sources Banks notes have known Vick, and say he likes the dog fighting subculture. There’s no proof; the investigation has to take its course.

Vick is now THE subplot of the NFL season, if he manages to elude suspension under The Iron Fist of Rog, and he was even before all this dog breeding stuff came up. The Falcons are banking the entire franchise this season on Vick’s arm, and Bobby Petrino has repeatedly stated that he wants Vick to take more responsibility for the plays on the field, to get him more involved. They traded Matt Schaub, the so-called insurance policy.

A make-or-break year in Atlanta is now more of a make-or-break year for Vick’s career. The problem is that the Falcons’ division (the NFC South) may shape up to be one of the most competitive. A revived Saints team is the class of the division; Carolina should be back on the ups after a disappointing season. Tampa Bay will be mired at the bottom, but the Falcons will be fighting to get a playoff spot from the get-go. Will Vick be able to put the problem behind him by leading his team, or will he even have the opportunity to lead that team if the investigation finds other unsavory aspects?

(Semi-unrelated update: Pacman Jones’ lawyers have compiled a helpful PDF of every NFL arrest. Thanks, Deadspin!)

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  1. […] I wanted to read how it would play out first before I made too much commentary on the subject, outside of what I thought defied credulity at the time: how Vick could not know what his own friends and family are doing inside a home he […]

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